Transart Institute—the unschool art school was founded by two artists who recognised and understood that participating in a utopian, post-national graduate experience requires nomadic possibilities untethered to geography and real estate; in liminality and places in-between. Adopting a respiratory model of meeting and dispersing, the un-school art school positions itself in the gaps where art practice, knowledge production and research processes operate; in the tensions between, across, through and beyond recognised paradigms. Encouraging active student-driven learning over passive educational models, our students and faculty—from all over the planet—meet bi-annually as we continue to work wherever we live actively supported by the Ti community. We believe that education is most relevant, effective and powerful when vitally connected to projects and initiatives in the world, beyond the walls of the academy. We are driven by our students needs rather than the demands of architecture and real estate allowing us to remain agile, responsive and nomadic. Currently meeting in Europe and North America plans are afoot to include Mexico City and Melbourne. Ti remains operated entirely by artists.

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